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Vintage Inspired Needle Felted & Clay Creations       Swan Quarter House

                 Welcome and Enjoy Little Bits of Whimsy by Jodi Dean

About Us

My Business is named after our Farmhouse in the Small Fishing Village of Swan Quarter North Carolina has Inspired my Homemade Natural Soy Candles & GoatMilk Soap Collection. The Candles because the electricity frequently goes out and if you are going to find your way in th dark why not do it smelling good!! The Soap because a day at the Beach really dries out your skin and Goatmilk is very gentle, moisturizing and smells Great Too! Someday we hope to spend more than just our vacations in Swan Quarter.

My Wool and Clay creations came about because I was unable to find unique Holiday items. The store bought Santas, Snowmen and Bunnies are all the same. I was looking for something Chubby but had the look of something from the past but not so old world looking... Basically I make what I always look for but can never find in the mass produced overseas market. I love vintage and that is where I take some of my inspiration from but I like my pieces to have the feel of something familiar but unique and a bit whimsy. I am a one Woman operation and my creations are made whenever I have a free hour or two and piece is different. 

I get asked all the time just where is Swan Quarter & how we happened upon the little community. Swan Quarter maybe small but it is rich in history. If you would like to know more about Swan Quarter, Ingrid Lemme publishes a Great Newsletter. I especially like the article about the Church that was moved by the hand of God during a flood. There is also the story of how we found our house in Swan Quarter . See Issue 2 on the following link.

Please note all Ingredients added to tmy soap base are natural and food based consumable products. It smells good enough to eat but I strongly advise against it!


North Canton, OH

Swan Quarter NC